Ruger Fitting/Frames

1. The Ruger OLD MODEL XR3; Was used on the original "3 Screw"
Guns Manufactured from 1953 until June 1962.

2. The Ruger RED ( Along With Various other Letters? ) Was Used
Between Late June 1962 to Dec. 2004 on the Blackhawk, Vaquero,
Single Six, Old Army, and The Super BlackHawk with the 4 1/2" to
6 1/2" Barrel Lengths and Rounded Trigger Guards. ( The Old Army
Continues To Use This Grip Frame Style)

3. The Ruger "NEW MODEL XR3 VAQUERO; Started In Production
about January 2005. If Your New Model Vaquero with Serial No.
Starting At 510...,or your New "50th Anniversary Blackhawk" with
Serial No. Starting at #520..., Came equipped with the Rugers Internal
Locking Feature. A Little Square Looking Thingy at the Lower Part of the inside Grip Frame.

4. The Latest Ruger "NEW MODEL BLACKHAWK" and "NEW
MODEL SINGLE SIX" Gripframe Comes With Black Plastic Grips,
Lockable Grip Frame and a Ruger Model Number Ending in the Letter "L". Started in Production in September of 2007.

5. The Ruger "SUPER BLACKHAWK" For the 71/2" to 10" Barrel
Lenghts and with the Square Back Trigger Guard.

6. The "SUPER BLACKHAWKS For the Shorter Barrel Lenghts and
Rounded Trigger Guards Require the XR3 Red Frame Grips.