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S&W K Round Combat Super Rosewood

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The Smith and Wesson K-Frame revolver family are the iconic American double action revolvers. They were the most important platform for the development of all of Smith & Wesson's line of revolvers. The first K-Frame was introduced in 1899 and came, from the beginning, in both round butt and square butt configurations. These revolvers were used in both World Wars and were particularly popular with the English in World War II, where Smith produced 568,204 revolvers for the British armed forces. While there have been many changes in the mechanism or models, Smith has been careful to maintain frame consistency--and grip interchangeability. From the beginning, most of the K-frame revolvers were square frames. Today, most of the K frames produced are round butts. (For a superb, detailed history of Smith revolvers--and more--go to Roy Jinks, History of Smith and Wesson. Find it. You'll like it.) K and L frames are the same as far as grips are concerned.