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S&W J Round Falconia Grip

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Falconia is a new grip design from Altamont. It is part of a projected family of grips with a soft, textured rubber, a hard internal skeleton, and a machined outside insert holding the panels together. This allows sophisticated textures in the rubber combined with an unusual choice of materials for the insert, ranging from attractive woods to tough, functional G-10. This combination allows the grip both attractive styling and certain functional advantages. The rubber backstrap area is designed for recoil absorption. The textures are a carefully thought out design compromise between gripping stability in the hand and limiting the cloth/rubber abrasion--hangup--in concealed carry.
The inserts serve to provide structure--and texture--for a stable, accurate, revolver shooting platform. The inserts and their varied textures allow for sophisticated customization of the grips.
The Silver blackwood is plain not checkered...