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Walther Grips

The PPK/S and PP have basically the same grips frame. They take two side panels with a screw holding them on the frame. Unfortunately, because of the different manufacturers, there are frame variations where the inside of the grips fit into the frame. To resolve this, we make two versions: the American (often stainless) and the European. However, some fitting on the inside may be required. Please specify which version when ordering.

Walther PPK This elegant pocket pistol is distinguished from the PP and the PPK/S models by a wrap around grip which encloses the back of the frame. The PPK pistol is a smaller version of the PP model and it was specifically designed for concealed use by police officers. The PPK is similar in design and function to the PPK/S. Our PPK grips are made to fit the American version which is often in stainless steel. We offer these grips in the Super Rosewood, Silverblack and Super Walnut.
The New Walthers PPK/S .22cal grips are not out at this time, sometime in the first quarter of 2014.
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Walther PPK Classic Panel Super Walnut

Walther PPK Classic Panel Super Walnut

Walther PPK Panel Checkered

Walther PPK Panel Checkered Super Rosewood & Walnut

Walthers PPK Scrolling Pattern

Walther PPK Panel Checkered with Scrolling Super Rosewood

Walther PPK/S Grips Oak Tree

Walther PPK/S Super Rosewood Lasered Oak Tree

Walthers PPK/S Laser Stippled Checkered

Walther PPK/S (American) UP SR Laser Stippled Checkered

Walthers PPK/S  Laser Curlicues and Checkering

Walther PPK/S (American), Ultima Panel, SR, Laser Curlicues and Checkering
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Walthers PPK/S Checker with a Oak Leaf

Walther PPK/S (American) UP SW Laser Checkered Oak Leaf